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Are vegans extinct?

Taken from: Quarrygirl forums Saw this on ye olde Twitter today, and I figured it was an interesting point to touch on. For me, being vegan is about trying to reduce the number of products I purchase, consume, use, etc… that involve animals. I have not lost sleep over the idea that somewhere in the […]

Gassy much?

Maybe it's the beans you're eating... or maybe it's the fibre... or the veggie burgers? Read More »

Paul McCartney in Halifax

I have to say I’m slightly disappointed to see fish and chips trucks on the concert grounds of such a well-known vegetarian. I was hoping part of his contract would involve the lack of death to animals to feed his fans, and dreaming of going to an event where I could just eat something without […]

Love from the Toronto Vegetarian Assoc.

Thanks to the Toronto Vegetarian Association for giving the little guy some digital love recently. Looking forward to the Toronto show at the Boat in less than two weeks! Read More »