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Coming soon: Behind the lines


The next week or so will feature a look at some of the contributors and businesses that have helped to make the new issue what it is. Known as "Behind the scenes" you can expect to see it starting tomorrow or the next day. Read More »

New issue available now. You name the price!


With Issue #4 now available online, the only question remaining is: how much do you think it's worth? Here at T.O.F.U. we've decided to put it in your hands. That's right, the new issue is for sale at any price you want to pay, including free. Read More »

T.O.F.U. Issue Four Available Tomorrow!


Tomorrow the wait is over! Issue #4 of T.O.F.U. will be made available digitally before the night is through. Over 80 pages of vegan-related articles, artwork, recipes and more could be in your hand within 24hrs. Read More »

T.O.F.U. under construction

Photo on 2010-12-07 at 09.02 #3

Things are really picking up here at T.O.F.U. headquarters, and you may have noticed something here and there that was a little amiss. The website is being worked on, the Facebook page is getting daily updates that are a comment on my sanity, and the twitter is either dead for hours or filled with ramblings when I want a break.

Of course, all of this means the magazine is close to being done. Read More »

From the window of T.O.F.U. headquarters

Hey folks, I just wanted to post a picture from a small series I’m hoping to do to give you all a window into where I put the magazine together. This one was taken from my computer about five minutes ago, so it’s not the best quality, but I think you will understand why I […]

Read me! Love me! Share me! Tweet Me! Please?

Why Can’t I Talk About Me? ( I came across this little article through the Twitter feed of one of our regular contributors, Lisa Dempster, and I felt it might be a good stepping stone towards letting you all know that in the coming weeks I will be doing some self-promotion. Hell, I guess I’ve […]

It’s a small world (with lots of options)

With the new issue being completely digital the whole world has opened up in terms of who can be involved. In fact, I'm hoping I will be able to showcase what veganism looks like in as many places as possible. Read More »

Issue Four put off no more!

That’s right, after all the false starts, the dashed hopes, the moves from place to place, the unemployment and final decision to freelance, I have truly started work on issue #4 of the magazine. To prove to you loyal readers (thanks for not giving up on the little guy just yet!) that I have actually […]

The (no) money shop

So, you may have already heard of bands such as Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails doing it with their new albums, but have you heard of a commercial business taking the pay-what-you-want plunge? Panera Bread experiments with “Pay What You Want” model Although it seems this type of thing has been done before, and worked, […]

Settling down (again)

St. John's harbour

It's alright if you had assumed I was dead. I would assume the same too if I saw a blog that had not been updated in months. Damn speed of the Internet means expiration dates are in hours instead of days or months. If we were writing letters to each other I feel like a month or two would be acceptable, but I guess I would also write more in a letter than I do in a blog. Well, at least I would like to think I would. Read More »