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Video Updates

Finally, visual updates. Read More »

Lost in Montreal… quelle surprise!

Yeah, once again Montreal proved a formidable opponent in terms of proving to us that leaving directions on a Facebook message and using only what you can remember will lead you to a gas station on the other end of town. After some french-english mumbling between myself and the gas station attendant, and the purchasing of a atlas for the city ($13, really?) we finally found our home for the next two nights. Read More »

On One Hand Now…

T.O.F.U. Tour Poster (Halifax)

I can count the days until the tour starts on one hand now, and that has me anxious, excited, and many other things. There are, of course, a pile of things left to do in the next 4-5 days, but there has also been a lot done in the past few months. Read More »

The Merch is Almost Ready!

With the magazines, posters and Behind the Scenes all done and ready to hit the road, the only other thing to do is to make merch, right? Read More »

All done

The magazines, Behind the Scenes, and the tour posters currently rest behind me. I also have numerous envelopes stuffed with various things that need to go out in the mail to help spread the good word. I’m tired. =-)

A Little Help From My Friends?

So, I thought it may help if I posted the tour schedule here in case you have suggestions for the spaces we currently have yet to figure out. We're looking for venues that are capable of holding a great music show, and if they happen to be veg*-friendly that is a definite plus. If not, I think we'll be friendly enough to make up for it. Read More »

Filling in the Blanks

I keep making little lists for each day to try and keep things moving, but sometimes things move from one list to the next day, and then that list ends up far too big. I'm stuck on a few things right now, but at least the magazine, Behind the Scenes, and the posters are on the printer's plate instead of mine. Read More »

Tour posters

T.O.F.U. tour poster

Did the test print today for the tour poster, and I'm quite happy with it. A few minor changes and they should be good to head out in the mail to the lovely places we shall be seeing soon. So, keep your eyes open for this lovely thing. Read More »

Tour support

Happy to see people are showing interest in the Facebook group and the events I'm posting there. Read More »

One small step…

Just created three events pages for the T.O.F.U. Facebook page. That's about a tenth of the way to being done... why don't I just work 9-5 like everybody else? Read More »