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CNN is sweet on vegans for once

Wow, I never thought I would agree with something CNN had posted, least of all be re-posting it here. However, it seems likely that hell has frozen over since the weather is still cold, so maybe now is the right time to applaud CNN. Read More »

Apple kills seal hunt game: wrong or right?

CBC – NL designer feels discriminated against PETA applauds Apple and Steve Jobs Sure, clubbing digital seals is offensive, but is it worse than killing prostitutes, deer or fishing in the palm of your hand? Should all of these games be banned? Discuss.

Best NA veg cities: Winnipeg represent?

PETA’s North American city rankings So, I’m not surprised at all to see Portland in the number one spot for the States, and I guess seeing Vancouver as the best in Canada shouldn’t drop any jaws. However, I have to say I’m surprised at how the prairies make their way on the list. Calgary beats […]

PETA rakes in $34 million, but only saves 8 animals

The Greenroom » Forum Archive » PETA rakes in $34 million, but only saves 8 animals. It gets a little more interesting if you follow some of the links, and even more interesting once you realize what the “regular” folk think of PETA and their campaigns. I wish PETA would put all their campaigns up […]

PETA’s 2010 State of the Union Undress |

PETA’s 2010 State of the Union Undress | So, outside of the choir of folks who already preach the veg* way, who do you think will actually watch this video with interest? I’m willing to bet by the time PETA has them standing at attention, the whole message will be lost. In fact, I’m […]

PETA seals offer to pay for sewage plant

PETA seals offer to pay for sewage plant – Nova Scotia News – Dear PETA, Perhaps that money would be better spent on animal shelters, veg starter kits, etc… instead of one big publicity stunt that will just not work. In fact, not only will the offer not be accepted, you just may make […]