• Issue seven of the vegan magazine T.O.F.U.

    T.O.F.U. Issue Seven

    Issue Seven focuses on body image and veganism, both the good and the bad. It also contains plenty of recipes, DIY, activist, and life articles to keep you warm on a rainy day.

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  • T.O.F.U. six front cover small

    T.O.F.U. Issue Six

    Issue six covers the intersection of veganism with forms of oppression such as racism and homophobia, as well as other relatively controversial topics surrounding a plant-based lifestyle.

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  • tofu 05 front cover

    T.O.F.U. Issue Five

    Continuing in the direction of the last one, issue V is filled with recipes, articles and other contributions from around the world. Not to mention, plenty of full colour, vegan-friendly photos.

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  • tofu_04_cover

    T.O.F.U. Issue Four

    Topics include vegan parenting, organic farming, vegan blogging, and even life in a yurt! Pick it up now for whatever price you want to pay.

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  • TOFU Issue Three

    T.O.F.U. Issue Three

    Issue Three of the little vegan magazine that should is full of articles on living simple, animal testing, the importance of being an educated vegan, and so much more.

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  • T.O.F.U. Issue Two

    T.O.F.U. Issue Two

    With interviews from Bif Naked and Zach Blair of Rise Against, as well as great articles and recipes, Issue Two is another great step in the right direction for the little guy.

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  • TOFU Issue One

    T.O.F.U. Issue One

    The debut issue of the little vegan magazine that should. Interviews with members of Propagandhi and Immaculate Machine, as well as cartoons and recipes are just a few of the things within the pages.

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