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Rock stars

Opted for a hotel room tonight in Kansas City. We're glad to have access to a shower and beds, but are slightly restless and bored at the lack of scenery outside the window. Read More »

Somewhere in middle America

We’re sitting in a restaurant now in Nebraska City. Had a fun show last night at the Saddle Creek Bar in Kansas City, and the one before that in Denver was good too. If you don’t know of Michelle Malone, find out. She blew us all away in Denver, and the bassist and drummer were […]

Off to the Grand Canyon

We’ve been in the desert for a couple of days now. LA seems like a cool and pleasant dream compared to sleeping in the van surrounded by cacti. At least we found a man-made lake to shake the heat in the morning, and no snakes or scorpions to greet us on the trail there. We’re […]

LA Show #1: Echo Curio done

Pacific Ocean

I just saw both of these bands at Echo Curio with Amanda Rogers, and it was great. I also realized today that we're here in LA for one more day than I thought. I may have to wander out on my own soon just to cover some ground. Read More »

They’re gonna put me in the movies

We made it to LA tonight after another long drive. Somehow we started the morning on an organic farm in the Redwood valley and now we’re sleeping in the belly of a whole other beast. There were plenty of signs protesting the current condition of this state’s water supply, and it was surely felt in […]

Head for the border

We're just waking-up in Calgary and planning a lunch date with some friends of mine. After that the border is in front of us and we're hoping to go camping once we cross. Read More »