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LA Show #1: Echo Curio done

Pacific Ocean

I just saw both of these bands at Echo Curio with Amanda Rogers, and it was great. I also realized today that we're here in LA for one more day than I thought. I may have to wander out on my own soon just to cover some ground. Read More »

They’re gonna put me in the movies

We made it to LA tonight after another long drive. Somehow we started the morning on an organic farm in the Redwood valley and now we’re sleeping in the belly of a whole other beast. There were plenty of signs protesting the current condition of this state’s water supply, and it was surely felt in […]

Head for the border

We're just waking-up in Calgary and planning a lunch date with some friends of mine. After that the border is in front of us and we're┬áhoping to go camping once we cross. Read More »

Calgary is just down the road

We're sitting in a library in Red Deer trying to catch-up on everything while we still have a chance. Headed to Calgary in a bit and chances are we will be spending the night there with some good friends. Read More »

Winding down in Edmonton

Thanks to all those who came out to the show in Edmonton tonight, whether or not you were standing behind a table promoting a cause or standing on the other side of it learning about it, thank you. Tonight was pretty much the kind of show we had in mind when all this was just […]

Video Updates

Finally, visual updates. Read More »

Winnipeg tonight

Hey all, I’m so sorry for the lack of updates. My computer has been acting strangely and we have spent more time driving in the van than sitting at people’s houses, so here we are days into the tour with no videos and little words. My apologies. On the bright side, thanks so much for […]

Lost in Montreal… quelle surprise!

Yeah, once again Montreal proved a formidable opponent in terms of proving to us that leaving directions on a Facebook message and using only what you can remember will lead you to a gas station on the other end of town. After some french-english mumbling between myself and the gas station attendant, and the purchasing of a atlas for the city ($13, really?) we finally found our home for the next two nights. Read More »

It’s all happening!

The tour starts tomorrow at the Wooden Monkey here in Halifax. Hope to see some familar faces out and about, and perhaps a bunch of new ones? Be sure to say hi either way, I’ll be the guy eating chocolate tofu pie at the door or the merch table. Thurs, Apr.30th The Wooden Monkey 9pm […]


Alright, I finaly managed to nab a few models to get some quick pics of the merch I will be touring with. I still have to try and grab a few other folks to model the hoodies (similar to the black shirts) and there are pink shirts as well as brown that are currently only visible in my room and your imagination. Read More »