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Should I laugh at this?

I laughed at this more than I was mad at it, but there were some moments that felt like the veg* folks in general were also being made fun of. PETA gets the Onion treatment.

Music From the Streets of St. Louis

Another great moment while on the road. It couldn't have happened at a better time either. Read More »


T.O.F.U. at the Grand Canyon

This picture says more than a 1000 words, but "epic" is the best one of all. Read More »

Rain in the Big Apple

So, the T.O.F.U. tour is over in the sense that Amanda and Mike are now currently in the van without one Canadian and a pile of magazines. They have a show tomorrow in Long Island, and will no doubt be playing other shows throughout the summer and further on. I recommend you check them out […]

Vegan Philly Cheesesteaks

Sitting at The Fire in Philly for the last show of the tour. We have vegan Philly cheesesteaks waiting for us and soft serve ice cream on our menu before we leave for NYC tomorrow. It’s been a trip to say the least. RP

Videos Organized

Had a chance to organize the video playlists a bit more, so there is not so much to go through to catch-up with your favourite bits. Things are winding down on the tour now, just a few more days before we say our goodbyes in New York. Read More »

Fisch Haus

Fisch Haus show

Good show at the Fisch Haus last night. What a great group of people doing some wonderful things in Wichita. Read More »

Rock stars

Opted for a hotel room tonight in Kansas City. We're glad to have access to a shower and beds, but are slightly restless and bored at the lack of scenery outside the window. Read More »

Somewhere in middle America

We’re sitting in a restaurant now in Nebraska City. Had a fun show last night at the Saddle Creek Bar in Kansas City, and the one before that in Denver was good too. If you don’t know of Michelle Malone, find out. She blew us all away in Denver, and the bassist and drummer were […]

Off to the Grand Canyon

We’ve been in the desert for a couple of days now. LA seems like a cool and pleasant dream compared to sleeping in the van surrounded by cacti. At least we found a man-made lake to shake the heat in the morning, and no snakes or scorpions to greet us on the trail there. We’re […]