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PETA: The awkward uncle at the vegan family dinner

peta bwvaktboom

PETA's newest campaign is just too much to justify brushing veganism's strange uncle's statements off by talking about how great the brussel sprouts are at the family dinner. Read More »

Re: PETA – I’m speechless. Luckily, Vegansaurus is not.

PETA Casting Couch

Vegansaurus was kind and angered enough to take the words right out of my mouth in regards to the newest PETA Super Bowl ad. I know I promised to cut down on tearing into them, but does it count if someone else is actually writing it? Read More »

PETA rakes in $34 million, but only saves 8 animals

The Greenroom » Forum Archive » PETA rakes in $34 million, but only saves 8 animals. It gets a little more interesting if you follow some of the links, and even more interesting once you realize what the “regular” folk think of PETA and their campaigns. I wish PETA would put all their campaigns up […]

PETA’s 2010 State of the Union Undress |

PETA’s 2010 State of the Union Undress | So, outside of the choir of folks who already preach the veg* way, who do you think will actually watch this video with interest? I’m willing to bet by the time PETA has them standing at attention, the whole message will be lost. In fact, I’m […]

PETA seals offer to pay for sewage plant

PETA seals offer to pay for sewage plant – Nova Scotia News – Dear PETA, Perhaps that money would be better spent on animal shelters, veg starter kits, etc… instead of one big publicity stunt that will just not work. In fact, not only will the offer not be accepted, you just may make […]

What’s Written on My Body: Standing Up to Fat Phobia, PETA Style

What’s Written on My Body: Standing Up to Fat Phobia, PETA Style. I’m interested to see where this goes as I know it is always hard to be against an organization for one thing and for them for another. People always assume you’re against the whole organization the minute you speak up negatively about something […]

The PETA Files: Lose the Blubber

The PETA Files: Lose the Blubber: Go Vegetarian. Sometimes I wish that the “leader” of the Veg* movement was given the position based on a vote. I doubt that much would change, but it would be nice to know that there was a chance that someone else may end up the voice of us all.

#TBT | An Interview With Dr. A. Breeze Harper

Cover for an interview with Dr A Breeze Harper

Dr. A. Breeze Harper of the Sistah Vegan Project has been doing great work for years, and this interview from issue six only touches on a portion of it. As an introduction, it's a great primer for anyone interested in why veganism suffers from such things as racism, classism, privilege, and more. Read More »

#TBT | The First T.O.F.U. Tour | Part I

Poster for the 2009 T.O.F.U. Tour Saint John Show

In 2009, I spent over a month in a van with two musicians I had not met before as we travelled across Canada and the United States to promote veganism, independent music, and T.O.F.U. Magazine. It was the first T.O.F.U. tour, which inspired two others so far, and it all started with a few emails. Read More »

Social Media for the Ages

Hudson Bay from Churchill, MB

From Facebook to social media platforms dedicated to vegans and vegetarians, the Internet has plenty of options to help you connect with others. With so many choices, how do you avoid being overwhelmed while also making sure you're actually connecting with people? Read More »